Emerging Leaders Award.

The Emerging Leaders Award

Learn how you can apply or nominate a leader by filling in this online application » An emerging generation of emerging leaders are stepping up to shape their communities and build a better future. These courageous young people are leading social causes, faith-based initiatives, community improvement projects, and many other inspiring ventures to serve others.

They are the inspiration for World Vision’s Emerging Leaders Award.

World Vision is pleased to partner with Global Leadership Network to recognize an emerging leader, between the ages of 15-29 years old, who is making an extraordinary impact in their community.

The winner of the Emerging Leaders Award will receive:
1. Recognition at the following year’s Global Leadership Summit
2. The opportunity to inspire other leaders around the world through their story;
3. A monetary gift through their partner organisation to continue their leadership & service.

Applications are due 16 April, 2024

What does the Emerging Leader Award entail?

1. The opportunity to share their story and message at the Global Leadership Summit, in front of more than 150,000 leaders across 100+ countries,
2. Prize award of $10,000 USD toward continuing their leadership and service, administered by an established organizational partner of award recipient.

What are the selection criteria?

1. How recipient’s Christian faith has informed their leadership and service toward others.
2. How the recipient’s leadership and service has contributed to transformational impact for others, particularly the most vulnerable in their community or world.
3. How the recipient would partner with an established organisation to use the prize money to further their cause and service.

What is the selection process?

1. Applications are due 16 April, 2023. Anyone ages 15-29 years old can apply.
2. Applications for youth under the age of 18 years old must be submitted by a parent or legal guardian.
3. Invite partner organisations to socialize and encourage their youth leaders to apply.
4. Finalists will be interviewed by a global panel of leaders from World Vision and Global Leadership Network.