We want to help you to maximise your leadership potential, and want to join you in your growth journey.


The GLN is committed to bringing you leadership content that is fresh, actionable and inspiring. We endeavour to bring you world-class speakers with insights you can immediately put into practice. The following offerings are available for you – and your teams. 

Sharpen your skills, expand your leadership capacity, and stay inspired year-round with GLSNow. Get exclusive access to GLS full faculty talks, session outlines, discussion guides, and more from previous seasons of The Global Leadership Summit. Presented through an app-based platform, GLSNow can be accessed via native mobile applications or through a browser interface.

The Global Leadership Podcast presents, conversations for the curious leader. Designed for curious leadership enthusiasts like you—The Global Leadership Podcast brings you insightful conversations with dynamic guests who share reflections from their journey as a leader, including their values, mistakes, and advice.

Available on Apple Podcasts, Youtube, Google Podcasts and Spotify

The GLSx product offers you an in-the-box opportunity to bring world-class, fresh, actionable, and inspiring leadership insights to your community. Crafted around relevant leadership themes, this solution provides an option to host a leadership development experience in your own setting. All supporting materials and collateral are included to enable you to present a transformational experience. The pilot module is the “GLSx Entrepreneurship Edition”. Contact us for more information.

GLSx Entrepreneurship Edition

Develop your entrepreneurial leadership capacity.
• A one-day experience to challenge you to become a leader that others love to follow.
• Develop the mindset required for your next level of leadership.
• Discover ways to build resilience, lead creatively and courageously build your dream.

The GLSx Entrepreneurship is a one-day programme that aims to inspire leaders to take the next steps in their leadership journey. Themes from the day include:

1. The challenge to become a leader that others love to follow;
2. Activating a start-up mindset;
3. Becoming rejection-proof;
4. Leading creatively in a rapidly changing world;
5. What it requires to level up your leadership, and
6. Courageously building your dream.

These four sessions include world-class faculty presenting fresh, actionable and inspiring leadership content to ignite transformation in growth-minded, hope-filled and change-driven leaders everywhere. Insights from Craig Groeschel, Sahar Hashemi, Jia Jiang, Fredrik Haren, Jo Saxton and Liz Bohannon anchor the sessions – with opportunities for discussion and reflection to aid in integrating learning. In addition, creative programming and inspirational stories colour the sessions to ensure a moving and life-changing experience. For more information, contact glninternational@globalleadership.org .